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With 20 years’ experience in business development, sales, strategic partnerships and finance, Tim is an innovator and connector who thrives on creating client value, developing inventive business models, and innovating the sales processes all the while forging new and original strategic relationships.
Tim has a passion for Offsite Construction Systems (OCS), technologies (panelized/modular/container and hybrid construction) and working with developers, builders, architects and project management companies, to collaborate, design and implement innovative housing projects. He has been a vital role player in equity/debt management, and strategic relationship development.

A successful entrepreneur with business upstart, equity/debt financing, and senior management experience, Tim is a creative problem solver using systems and processes to maximize efficiencies throughout the entire business cycle. Tim recognizes that inspired people are the key to any growth operation, and he also has a keen eye for impact marketing and the ability to oversee a public relations portfolio.


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